Hey Franchesca! I'm not sure if you remember me but I made that original Shane Dawson post exposing all of his blackface and racism. I know you want to leave all of this behind you now, because you've gotten a lot of nasty messages but I think you should know about his video he just uploaded today. In the video he stated: "I’m not gonna apologize for my rape jokes, I’m not gonna apologize for my gay jokes or Mexican jokes or white jokes or black jokes or any of my jokes because that’s my humor"


Le sigh. I didn’t watch it but apparently it’s titled a “message to the haters”…because criticism is “hate”. Maybe that explains why people have been accusing me of “being filled with hate”? It’s like they all follow the same script…

Is it any wonder teenagers in the YouTube community feel comfortable using racial slurs, are confused about consent and think it’s ok to harass and make fun of survivors, like the girls who’ve spoken out against Sam Pepper & VeeOneEye? But they’re just jokes right?

This stuff just makes me really sad.